FUJIKIKO Co., Ltd. has developed many universal dies with ideas which is safe and effective for forming process and easy to use since it inception in 1973. Our product groups contain more than 300 types to meet the processing needs of many industrial fields.

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Hydraulic Press

The easy to use desk puncher, desk slider, and desk rotary, Are available in a wide range of variety.




  • Space-saving design
  • Frees the machinery operator from heavy labor associates with the exchanging of molds
  • Molds are no longer damaged as a result of incorrect stroke adjustments
  • Can be used with FUJIKIKO molds, also possible to use currently-employed molds
  • Quiet operation because it is a hydraulic press
  • Possible to change the turntable stop position
  • Can also be easily used by female employees

In Japan as well, there are cases of companies that use a large number of molds installing of these RSP-3030P hydraulic presses. By simply including instructions such as "Use a No.5 mold in Unit No.2" in the work orders issued to employees, it becomes very easy for machinery operators to commence their work duties.


FUJIKIKO offers this RSP-3030P hydraulic press in two formats. One with a press capacity of 300Kn, and the other with a press capacity of 450Kn.




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