FUJIKIKO Co., Ltd. has developed many universal dies with ideas which is safe and effective for forming process and easy to use since it inception in 1973. Our product groups contain more than 300 types to meet the processing needs of many industrial fields.

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株式会社富士機工 - FUJIKIKO CO., LTD.

Our basic style is to establish close communication with our customers so that we can propose and develop equipment that really meets their needs. We develop tools on the basis of a good understanding of what it takes to accomplish excellent materials processing. The types of equipment we have developed now number in the range of a million, and this number is still increasing. As long as our customers are still standing, Fujikiko will continue to support them. The research and development we conduct, and the technical innovations we introduce, are the result of taking a broad view of the question, "What can we do for our customers?" We ask for your continued support in the future.


Kazumasa Shibasaki, Representative Director and President





The quest for manufacturing possibilities using
ideas that cannot be found anywhere else


Since our founding in 1973, we have been developing universal dies full of good ideas for processing sheet metal that are safe, effective, and that anyone can operate. We develop and sell original products that meet the needs of our customers, including hydraulic presses, punch presses, and deburring machines. And we will keep moving forward, making things that people can use to advance their way of life, by improving our products and sharpening our skills.





We pursue the possibility of Manufacturing with ideas that "nothing else has".


Our basic attitude is to closely interact with customers and to develop products accommodated to their needs, to offer the products. We promote development with comprehensive recognition that their needs are in their job sites. We have a few hundred of developed equipments in segments, and even now the number is increasing. FUJIKIKO is here just for customers. We would like to pursue what we can do for our customers and to impulse our research and development / innovation of technology from every angle. Thank you for your support and being our customer.


Three features of FUJIKIKO Co., Ltd. which create sophisticated products


1 : Technical capability

Our technical capability built up earnestly in universal dies is highly estimated in each field. Moreover, we take in the latest technology according to customers' needs and improve our skills.

2 : Proposal capabilities

We examine machines or universal dies for the solutions of problems that customers have.
We offer our own products or systems with ideas based on vast of experiences and results.

3 : Ability to react

Our motto is "to hear courteously and react with extreme care." Even after installing our products, our staff with specialized knowledge and skills will go to every corner in the world where you are for maintenances with prompt footwork.


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